Rays Make Fan Take Off His ‘Yankees Suck’ Shirt

Truth be told, I have kind of forgotten that “Yankees Suck” is a somewhat inappropriate phrase. Seeing “Yankees Suck” written on a t-shirt or hearing 30,000-plus people chant it at a ballgame, parade, or even football game barely even captures my attention. What probably would cause me to do a double take is if I didn’t see half a dozen vendors outside Fenway Park selling “Yankees Suck” apparel and memorabilia. The Tampa Bay Rays, on the other hand, take the phrase a bit more seriously.

According to the Tampa Tribune, via Hardball Talk, a stadium official made a Rays season ticket holder remove his “Yankees Suck” t-shirt last week because they felt it constituted profanity.  I guess the phrase is profane depending on your standards, but really?  The fan, who happened to be a lawyer, objected and asked to talk to a team official but had no success. What’s scary is that this is not the first stadium where a fan was forced to remove a Yankees Suck shirt.

First of all, the shirt isn’t a big deal.  They tried banning them at Fenway once and realized it would be impossible so they have since let it go.  Secondly, this is Tampa Bay we’re talking about.  They don’t exactly have an easy time selling tickets down in St. Pete, so if a fan walked in with a shirt that said “F*** you” on it I’d probably turn my cheek if I worked there.  Do you want to have a G-rated environment or do you want butts in the seats?  Most often in professional sports, you can’t have both.

Yankees Suck T-Shirts Not Allowed at The Ballpark in Arlington

I feel pretty strongly when it comes to being a fan that one should support his/her team to the fullest and not downgrade the opponent. Dressing up in ridiculous garb, painting your face, and cheering for your team is extreme but in the positive sense. Threatening an opponent with death is taking things way too far. Wearing a “Yankees Suck” shirt expresses a negative sentiment but is more harmless. Anyway, a fan at the park for one of the Rangers/Yankees games last week in Arlington encountered some controversy because she wore a Yankees Suck shirt to the game.

Once inside the ballpark’s Diamond Club for a pregame dinner, [fan Kristen] Knapp-Webb was informed that the anti-Yankees message on her shirt was a violation of the Rangers’ code of conduct for fans. At the least, she had to turn it inside out.

In fact, the Rangers organization imposes a dozen rules of conduct on fans who attend games in Arlington.

Rule 11 states: “Any person wearing clothing with language, graphics or revealing parts of their body that may be offensive to another guest may be denied entry into the stadium or ejected from the stadium without refund.”

The Rangers instituted this rule based on previous complaints by fans. The Red Sox, Mariners, and Orioles have all outlawed the Yankees Suck shirts so by no means are the Rangers in the minority. Now normally I believe this sort of negative sentiment is against the spirit of proper fandom, but when it comes to the Yankees, I think an exception has to be made. Does it get more American than rooting against the Yankees (or for them for that matter)?

(via Circling the Bases)

Greatest Picture Ever

The man on the right (in case you couldn’t tell since the sunglasses on his face covered up the jelly donuts under his eyes), is Yankees GM Brian Cashman. The gentleman on the left is … well nobody cares. But his shirt is hilarious, he’s got a shite-eating grin on, and it makes this picture a classic. I started busting up uncontrollably when I saw it. Big ups to Deadspin (of course) for the picture. I mean, who else would get something that great?