Massive Pee Wee running back completely trucks defender (Video)

I don’t exactly know how youth football works now, but when I was younger in my hometown everything was organized by weight. This was done for safety, of course. Either I just don’t understand the levels of Pee Wee Football, or this is apparently no longer a rule.

As you can see from the video above that Jimmy Traina shared with us, a brave little boy recently tried to make a tackle on an opponent that was three times his size — and three times everyone else on the field’s size for that matter. The end result was even worse than you may expect, as the poor little fella was trucked harder than anyone we’ve ever seen.

We’ve showed you some massive hits here on LBS over the years, but this has to rank up there with the most ferocious. Somebody check that kid’s birth certificate.

UPDATE: Deadspin pointed out that the video is actually three years old and the teams were Shamokin and Pottsville — both from Pennsylvania. Nevertheless, it’s the first time we’ve seen it and all that information does is make us terrified of how large the ball carrier must be now.

Florida youth football coach Dion Robinson hits referee after game is called (Video)

During a recent youth football game in South Florida, an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty ultimately resulted in the contest being called. Dion Robinson, a 43-year-old coach for the West Park Saints, became irate after the call went against his team and came onto the field with some of the other members of the coaching staff. The officials working the game decided to call it off because of the coaches’ behavior and get the children off the field.

As the referees were leaving the facility, Robinson ran over to the official who made the call, Andrew Keigans, and belted him across the face.

“I was shocked!” Keigans told NBC Miami on Tuesday. “I was like holy sh**. .. My buddy said ‘Drew just keep walking, don’t say nothing, just keep walking, don’t say nothing’ and that’s when he comes around and just, I actually turned right into it, if you see the video, I turn right into it and he got me in my ear.”

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Youth football coach Nathan Harris investigated for giving child a concussion with clothesline (Video)

Nathan Harris, a youth football coach in Utah, was arrested on Monday on investigation into second degree felony child abuse. During the fourth quarter of a tie game on Saturday, the 45-year-old coach was seen by spectators and caught on video giving an opposing player a concussion. As you can see from the video above, Harris and the boy collided and it appeared as though the coach clotheslined him.

“As the 13-year-old ran down, Mr. Harris stepped out and hit him with his forearm under his chin,” Utah police Sgt. Lance Smith said according to tan Associated Press report. “And then Mr. Harris stepped back and just stood there.”

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