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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Beatrice Bouchard is Genie’s older twin sister and she runs the greatest Instagram account ever

Beatrice Genie Bouchard twin sisters

If you’ve been keeping up with LBS lately, there’s no way you don’t know about Genie Bouchard. She’s the 20-year-old Canadian tennis player who’s about to become a megastar.

While you probably already know a lot about Genie Bouchard, I’ll bet you didn’t know about Genie’s twin sister, Beatrice.

Allow us to introduce her to you. And you’re going to love her, because she is a lot of fun.

Beatrice is six minutes older than Genie, and the two are fraternal twins. Just like her sister, she is an attractive blonde. And while Genie is grinding on and off the court and trying to stay out of trouble, Beatrice sure looks like a partier (in her spare time).

Beatrice is running perhaps one of the greatest Instagram accounts of all time. Seriously. Beatrice has mastered the art of Instagram. Her account is full of pictures of partying, boozing, bikinis and food. That’s the winning formula right there.

Before we get into the Instagram pics, let’s start with her Twitter account.

Beatrice, who goes by Beebs Bouchard on Twitter, was just at the Escapade Music Festival in Ottawa. It’s safe to say that she enjoyed herself there:

Not only does she like music, but she also supports the Montreal Canadiens and likes to drink cold ones while watching them play:

That’s a good start. And now it’s time for the real fun — the Beatrice Bouchard Instagram life.

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