AW goes on massive Twitter rant after being released from WWE

A.W. went on a massive Twitter rant on Friday after learning that he was released by the WWE. His release comes less than two weeks after he made a joke alluding to Kobe Bryant’s infamous alleged sexual assault case during Episode 101 of “Monday Night Raw,” which aired on July 30.

A.W.’s wrestler Titus O’Neil was facing Kofi Kingston when the manager said, “Titus O’Neil is like Kobe Bryant at a hotel (room) in Colorado. He’s unstoppable!!”

The WWE issued an apology later that night, as did A.W., but the apologies apparently weren’t enough; he was released on Friday.

A.W. complained over Twitter that the WWE has become too politically correct after previously encouraging its personalities to be brash. His tweets are below:

A.W. also referenced a widely believed secret that the WWE has become more politically correct because Linda McMahon is running for a senate seat in Connecticut:

A WWE representative shed more light on the release, telling TMZ, “Unfortunately, Brian Jossie, playing the character of A.W. was terminated because he continued to exhibit poor judgment by making offensive and inappropriate comments on live television and on social media.”

The Kobe Bryant joke was the inappropriate comment on live television. The inappropriate comment on social media the rep referenced is believed to be a tweet about Linda McMahon’s Senatorial campaign sent by A.W. on Thursday:

“#AWPromotio$ says vote for Linda McMahon!!! The PTP’z support Linda and so should you!! #VoteOrDie4Linda”

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  • karmicbilling

     Says the guy who constantly spell the as teh. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YNFZOMIS5SSNFGK6VWR5KDKQTU Montel Rice

    no need to wait, didnt you hear? they lost over 500 mill lol

  • rocksandtanks

    I find all of your comments here holding some truth on both sides. On one side, someone should be punished for making fun of a real life alleged rape case. Entertainment that adheres to a large demographic of teens and younger should make an example of one of their employees who lower their standards on live television. Especially in a sport that is always at the forefront of objectifying women as sluts, submissive, weak and always horny. Minus China lol. However, I do see the other side as well. The side that views wrestling for what it is. Strictly entertainment that has script. No NBA. No NFL. no absolute REAL life situations. No regulation and rules for unsportsmanshiplike conduct. Scrutinization by fans, coaches, and legal red tape. Firing this wrestler for saying inappropriate things, especially in the context of being comedic, is similar to firing Tosh.0 for making his rape jokes on real life situations. Or punishing Loius C.K. for his borderline, universally offensive comments about “faggots” or “niggers” etc…. Their shows don’t have laws. its entertainment, strictly. So, i think the confusion with wrestling is that it simply looks like sports. It has a referee. A bell, a commentator or two, an arena filled with fans rooting on different sides. If Tosh.0 added these things would Comedy Central fire him? not sure. But I hope my comment helps some of you see there is some truth to both sides. If i was forced at gun point to pick a side, I guess i’d pick not firing him and air a comedian between fights. I think people will see if punish fake wrestling, u need to punish fake, fictitious jokes based on some real life events.  

  • lakawak

    Awww…cute…karmicbilling DIDN’T kill himself (yet) when Digg shut down. But you will. After all…no one cars that you are alive. And you know it.. Nothing sadder than an internet stalker

  • karmicbilling

    Says TEH internet stalker who lives in his grandma’s basement.   Wow, we’ve never heard a suicide take from you 1000 times before.

  • lakawak

    Do you really not realize how lonely you are? Doesn’t the fact that you have never seen a naked woman kinda hammer that point home? Or that your mother has told you she wishes she stuck the hanger just a little farther up her when she tried to scrape you out of her?You are a fu**ing NOTHING. Suicide will come quickly for you next week.

  • karmicbilling

     lmao.  Cry more troll

  • Zack Brown

    hold on a sec u mean to tell me a wrestler can get poped for taken steriods and keep his job but make one bad comment and he gets released?? doesnt make sense considering that steriods are illegal and that wrestlers still use them. i get that wwe is movin past the attitude era i grew up in that era but to release him is wrong i know he screwed up but they coulda just made him apollogise  suspended him and go on bout their buisness. and id rather have aw on wwe programin than vickie  still livin on edies name and getin money off him. ptp are good and wouldve been great with aw