Michigan president Mary Sue Coleman sounded super drunk during halftime speech (Video)

Mary Sue Coleman MichiganUniversity of Michigan school president Mary Sue Coleman sounded super drunk when she gave a speech at halftime of the school’s home loss to Nebraska on Saturday. I mean this is just really bad.

Deadspin cautions that people may have health conditions when they sound this badly while giving a speech — such as a stroke or other issue. I don’t know if it was that, something else, or just a simple matter of her being trashed — which is what it sounded like — but that was awful.

Michigan fans certainly thought she was hammered. Check out this tweet:

It also sounds like Coleman was being honored on Saturday.

She may have enjoyed a few too many toasts if that was the case.

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  • joel

    At football games university presidents are in the suites with the open bar to schmooze with the big donors and lots of booze loosens the pockets for donations. Than again, the game would drive a Michigan fan to drink, their offense looks like Lane Kiffin is coaching it.

  • SpinMax

    a number 12 jersey? how about a number .12 jersey

  • Jailin Rose

    I can’t blame her for wanting to drink that game from her memory . . .