Will Muschamp is certifiably insane (Video)

Remind me to never get on the bad side of Will Muschamp.

The Florida coach went absolutely berserk on tight end Clay Burton during the team’s 17-9 loss to Georgia on Saturday.

There’s Muschamp, just absolutely raging on Burton. Nostrils all flaring. Throat veins throbbing. Chin all protruding. That cannot be healthy.

I have no idea what could make Muschamp so upset with his player, but I do know he better chill out unless he wants to be the next college football coach to suffer a seizure or heart attack. What a psychopath.

Video via The Big Lead

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  • Mytemp420

    Why an university want someone who acts like this to respresent their school is beyond me.  Mr Muschamp wouldn’t last 2 days in a real combat situation, yet feels the need to belittle and embarass his players, who apparently not been coached very well.  
    Same goes for the clowns at USC and UCLA, who went out of their way to hire such ego-maniacs who are unproven at running a clean program, and are losers in every sense of the word.  

  • John Smith

    Well put!