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Sunday, July 5, 2020

How to Improve the MLB All-Star Game

Between the game Selig called in a tie a few years ago and Tuesday’s 15-inning debacle, MLB clearly hasn’t ironed everything out with the All-Star Game. Here are three simple solutions to fix the All-Star Game and still make it as fan friendly as possible while keeping it within the best interests of the players and teams.

1. Stop making it for home field advantage — I understand why they did this to try and pique interest and TV ratings, but honestly, the outcome of the All-Star game outcome shouldn’t determine something as important as home field advantage in the World Series. Best overall record should. I still think guys will perform as well as possible just because of each player’s competitive nature. Who doesn’t want to do well against the best players? A chance to shine amongst all the stars? That’s enough motivation to play hard.

2. Allow one re-entry per player — How annoying was it to see the starters go five innings for the most part, get pulled, and then get stuck with Dan Uggla at second base for 10 innings while Chase Utley was rotting away on the bench? Or how nice would it have been if Clint Hurdle could pinch hit with Albert Pujols for Miguel Tejada, or Francona to send Frankie Rodriguez back out to pitch the 10th. It’s an All-Star Game — don’t hamstring managers with a difficult predicament (getting everyone into the game while saving players in case it goes extras). Plus, this is way more fan friendly.

3. Move the All-Star Game to Wednesday and resume play on Friday — That would give all pitchers who threw on Sunday a few more days to rest so that the turnaround isn’t as harsh. Plus, it would give all players an extra day to enjoy their time off, be it at the All-Star game or at home with their family. And what’s the point of having games on Thursday anyway? Only a handful of teams play.

That’s all I got. If you can think of additional ways to improve the All-Star Game or if you disagree, feel free to add your comments. Otherwise, I think this would be a nice start to fine-tuning what’s already an enjoyable event.

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