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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Mets fan cries during call to Mike Francesa (Audio)

Pretty much every New York Mets fan is upset over the slide from Chase Utley that resulted in a broken leg for Ruben Tejada Saturday night, but don’t expect anyone to show more emotion over it than Will from Queens.

Will from Queens called into Mike Francesa’s WFAN show Sunday morning, and he was so overcome with emotion over the slide that he began to sob. Will nearly lost it while talking about how Matt Harvey has to “put the team on his back” in Game 3.

“I would say it’s dirty. It bothers me as a Met fan,” he said while very clearly beginning to choke up. “But Matt Harvey better step up tomorrow night. I’m disgusted with him, but this is his one chance. Put the team on your shoulders and then you’ve got my faith back in you.”

Mike FrancesaFrancesa didn’t exactly show Will any sympathy, but at least he didn’t go off on him the way he has gone off on some callers in the past. Prior to hearing that call, I didn’t really care if the Mets or Los Angeles Dodgers won the NLDS. Now that I know how much it means to Will, I just might order a David Wright jersey and have it sent via overnight shipping.

H/T Deadspin

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