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Monday, June 24, 2019

Nyjer Morgan confesses over Twitter to cheating on his girlfriend, claims he was hacked

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It was an eventful few hours for Nyjer Morgan’s Twitter account on Monday night. Tweets sent from the wacky free agent outfielder’s account claimed that he had cheated on his girlfriend and was apologizing for doing so. The tweets seemed to have been sent by an ex-girlfriend who also changed the account’s bio and avatar. Not long after the tweets were sent, the account appeared to be taken over by Morgan who claimed he had been hacked.

Here are the tweets sent from his account that have since been deleted:

When asked by a Twitter user why Morgan would tweet all this, the response was, “cuz I’m a bad person Mann I have issues.”

He also said over Twitter, “I have failed this is the saddest day of my life.”

Morgan’s Twitter bio was also changed to say: “This is dedicated to my x girlfriend that i cheated on and left in the streets this page was changed by me,” which seemed to indicate his ex-girlfriend hacked him. His Twitter header and avatar were also changed to pictures of him with a woman:

nyjer morgan twitter

Based on the confessional tweets, altered bio, header and avatar, it sure seemed like Morgan had been hacked by an ex-girlfriend. No surprise, Morgan seemed to have assumed control of his account an hour later and claimed he had been hacked:

Based on how nutty Morgan is, this entertaining Twitter incident seemed to fit in perfectly with his style.

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