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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Ozzie Guillen: ‘Baby Hanley’ Ramirez needs to remember to take his medication

A little less than two weeks ago, Hanley Ramirez suffered a very idiotic injury when he punched a cooling fan in the Marlins dugout and cut his hand open. Unfortunately, it was a lapse in judgment that he is still paying for. According to the Palm Beach Post, Ramirez was held out of the lineup on Friday night against Pittsburgh because of an infection he has developed in the same hand.

Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen says the hand became infected because Hanley forgot to take his antibiotics. Now he is hoping someone will watch his third baseman like a child.

“It’s pretty infected,” Guillen said. “I was kind of worried about it. Hopefully the doctor will find exactly what he needs and make sure baby Hanley takes (it). I will every night ‘open your mouth’ and put it in his mouth.”

Naturally, Guillen called Ramirez a “baby” in a joking manner. Still, he sounded surprised that an adult would need to be reminded to take an important medication.

“How do you forget to take a pill that the doctors (tell you) to take?” Guillen asked.

As his recent comments about Chicago reminded us, Ozzie always has something to say about everything and it isn’t always nice. That being said, it’s easy to understand why this particular injury is so frustrating for him. One of the Marlins’ best players was already banged up because he couldn’t control his temper, and the injury is still a problem because he forgot to take his medication. Those aren’t the types of problems you expect to face when dealing with adults.

H/T LBS contributor Aaron Frishman
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