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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Charles Barkley doesn’t believe in ‘old guys’ from the Spurs (Video)

Charles BarkleyCharles Barkley is picking the Portland Trail Blazers to beat the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference semifinals, and it’s all because he doesn’t believe in the “old guys” from the Spurs.

See, Chuck feels that the seven-game series with the Dallas Mavericks wore down San Antonio, making them ripe for Portland’s picking. Even if they do beat Portland, Chuck doesn’t see them reaching the NBA Finals anyhow because they’re too old.

That was the pure pre-series analysis from Chuck. Things got funny on “Inside the NBA” Tuesday before Game 1 of the series when someone tossed Chuck a softball and asked him what he thought of the women in San Antonio. From there, it was all about overweight girls wearing bloomers and how Victoria’s Secret is legitimately a secret in the area. And of course he went in on the Riverwalk. You know, typical Chuck San Antonio bashing like usual.

Here he was bashing San Antonio’s fat women last year during the postseason.

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