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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Dwyane Wade Is Playing Head Games

It’s amazing how twitter has become such a popular medium for tracking NBA free agency. Chris Bosh had a telling tweet showing that he and Dwyane Wade were at dinner together but were missing a third amigo. Wade all but confirmed they were talking about LeBron when he said James is on a different page from them. D-Wade also has been utilizing his twitter account during free agency, only he’s been playing head games. Check out this odd tweet:

Wade is laughing to himself in the “l2ms” and clearly screwing around. So who knows little here? I think you can interpret that tweet in one of three ways. One, he’s saying what little do Heat fans know that he’s leaving. Two, he’s saying what little does the media know because he’s totally playing them and enjoying all their errant reporting. Or three, what little do the teams recruiting him know that they’re wasting their time because Wade is re-signing in Miami. I really am convinced it’s option three. From what I understand, Wade has a camera crew following him through the free agency period, so maybe this is all part of a big joke for him. Perhaps he’s using those teams for some sort of Punk’d kind of gag. Before long we’ll know our answer. In the meantime, Wade’s taking the opportunity to rack up twitter followers by the thousands.

Dwyane Wade on Twitter

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