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#pounditFriday, July 19, 2024

Google addresses error that labeled LaVar Ball the founder of the NBA

Despite what a simple Google search may have led you to believe, LaVar Ball is not the founder of the NBA.

For a short while on Tuesday morning, typing the phrase “NBA founder” into a Google search bar showed you a photo of Ball’s mug. It was probably one of the proudest moments of the Big Baller Brand founder’s life.

Google is known for having so-called “Easter eggs” hidden within its search engine. For example, if you type “do a barrel roll” into a Google search bar, the page will literally do a barrel role. There are tons of other cool things that the geniuses at the tech company have hidden for our entertainment, but this was apparently not one of them.

A Google spokesperson told TMZ that there was some sort of error when an online bio was being created for Ball.

“Clearly we dropped the ball,” the spokesperson said. “Our team worked to address this issue quickly and within hours of being notified, we were able to fix the issue.”

LaVar Ball is many, many things. Someone who refused to thank the president for helping keep his son out of trouble in China? Yes. A man who pulled his children out of school so they could play basketball professionally overseas? Absolutely. The guy who once claimed he could beat arguably the greatest player in NBA history in a one-on-one game? You bet. But the founder of the NBA, he is not. Nice try, Google.

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