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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Jay Bilas References NBA Draft Drinking Game During Wingspan Mention (Video)

The same phrases are uttered ad nauseum on draft night. It doesn’t matter if it’s the NBA or the NFL draft, you hear all the same words to describe prospects. It’s usually “upside,” or “freak ability,” or “intangibles,” that are commonly mentioned. Our friend Matt Moore listed all the key phrases before the draft on twitter, and he wrote about it last year. The Sports Bank also created a drinking game for this year’s draft. Well one of the common gimmicks is taking a drink anytime the word “wingspan” is mentioned. The joke is so widespread that analyst Jay Bilas referenced it on TV, as Miami radio host Jorge Sedano pointed out. Check out the video:

We’ve given Bilas a hard time in the past, but after seeing that, I may have to give him a break. He’s definitely a good sport.

Thanks to Sedano Show for the tip

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