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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Karl Malone Impregnated 13-Year-Old?

Apparently The Mailman was delivering his goods to local middle schools while he was at Louisiana Tech. Many people missed the story over the weekend of Demetrius Bell, a 7th round pick by the Buffalo Bills. Bell is the son of Karl Malone, though The Mailman had no role in his life and told him it was too late to be his father when the two finally spoke a few years ago. Well if you thought this story was pretty bad, then you haven’t heard the whole thing. A report from The Buffalo News presented by MDS at FanHouse suggests that Bell’s mother was only 13 when Malone got her pregnant. That is freaking disgusting.

Yeah, I heard about Andrew Bynum dipping onto campuses for his action, but at least we’re talking about a college campus, not a freaking middle school. This is gross. Disgusting. And why am I not surprised that the same guy having sex with youngins is a deadbeat dad? Seems to go hand in hand. This dude is giving Travis Henry a run for his money, and Henry had like nine kids from nine women or something. Now what’s worse: a 13-year-old having sex, Malone nailing a young kid while he’s in college, or Malone being a deadbeat dad? Whatever your answer, somewhere Roger Clemens is smiling.

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