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#pounditFriday, June 21, 2024

Kevin Durant is a fan of LaVar Ball

LaVar Ball

Many people around the sports world are sick and tired of LaVar Ball, but the outspoken Big Baller Brand founder does have a supporter in Kevin Durant.

Durant joined “The Bill Simmons Podcast” for a two-part interview. During the interview, Durant expressed support for Ball and said he was no different from your standard AAU father. And rather than pick on LaVar for talking a big game, he lauded him for his support of his sons.

The query came up when Simmons asked whether LaVar would keep free agents from choosing the Lakers.

“No. Tell them how much I love LaVar. You know why I love LaVar? Because he reminds me of a normal AAU dad,” Durant told Simmons, as transcribed by Lakers Outsiders.

“I’ve seen dads like him. I grew up watching dads like LaVar and I’m like ‘I appreciate what you bring’ because like I wish, me and my dad are so tight right now, but growing up, my dad really didn’t come to games so I wish I had a dad like that. A lot of players wish they had dads like LaVar. Just being there to support.

“Maybe not like going on ESPN and putting the pressure on like he did Lonzo, but it’s just like LaVar is the prototypical pops in the AAU circuit. I like him. I like his family. Every time we play the Lakers and I see him, I give him a big hug. I’m like ‘Man I like what you’re doing man. I enjoy it. I just like your personality. I like that you care about the game so much and you care about your son so much.’

“That’s what I like. The Big Baller Brand, I’m not getting into that. But I just like what he does.”

Durant highlighted the positive attributes of Ball. He is a very involved parent who is helping his sons become professional basketball players. But there’s also the downside of putting a target on their backs, which Durant mentioned. He didn’t really get into the Big Baller Brand part, likely because he is a Nike guy, but the rest of his comments were interesting.

Ball seems to have made fewer headlines now that two of his sons are in Lithuania. But even if his presence won’t deter free agents, it’s turned the Lakers into a less desirable spot for coaches.

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