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Saturday, January 19, 2019

LeBron James Tells Twitter Follower He Misses His Fans in Ohio

LeBron James wants to be liked.  It is never easy to do and say all the right things when you’re under constant scrutiny like LeBron, but he has made more public relations mistakes than your average superstar.  He may not do it on purpose, but more often than not it seems like King James just doesn’t know the right things to say.  Lately it would appear he has grown tired of people hating him.

Over the course of the summer, James put his ego in check and made fun of himself on two separate occasions.  On Saturday, he decided to reach out to his fans by answering a bunch of questions on Twitter.  While answering questions for fans is a solid PR move in itself, LeBron also gave a very wise answer to one question in particular.

A response like that could not really have come from the same guy who made fun of the Cavs for losing by 55 points, could it?  We would expect the old LeBron to answer that question by saying something like “I collect Rolls Royces in the offseason.”  He may need to work harder to figure out how to come up big in the NBA Finals, but as of now it appears King James could be figuring out the art of not looking like a jackass.

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