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Thursday, July 9, 2020

NBA cracking down on teams lying about players’ height

Adam Silver

The NBA is tired of teams inaccurately portraying the size of their players, and steps are being taken to put an end to it.

A memo was sent to NBA teams this week notifying them that they will have to certify the height and age of each individual player on their roster at some point within the first week of training camp, Marc Stein of the New York Times reports.

Players will be instructed to take their height measurements with their shoes off, though weight will not need to be certified since it can fluctuate so much. According to Stein, part of the motivation for the crackdown is Buddy Heild’s age having been recorded inaccurately last year.

The idea may seem trivial, but apparently it is important to the NBA that teams not present inaccurate information about their players. We know one up and coming NFL star who knows all about how frustrating it can be to have your height represented, and that isn’t going to be happening under Adam Silver’s watch.

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