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Friday, February 15, 2019

50 Cent implies he will promote Floyd Mayweather Jr. fights, not Golden Boy

Word emerged in April that rapper 50 Cent was starting a boxing promotion company, and we recently learned that “TMT Promotions” was likely to sign a few top fighters. What was left out is that 50 Cent is likely to begin promoting fights for pal Floyd Mayweather Jr., who is currently in jail.

50 Cent got into a Twitter argument with Oscar De La Hoya, whose Golden Boy Promotions promote Mayweather’s fights, when he tipped his hand.

It all started with what seemed to be a shot at 50 Cent fired by De La Hoya over Twitter on Wednesday:

50 Cent responded a day later and began calling De La Hoya “girl” (probably because of these pictures):

The two tweets prompted a response from De La Hoya:

50 came back with a barrage of tweets, including one that implied Mayweather would begin fighting for his promotional company:

Mayweather split with Bob Arum years ago after realizing he could promote his own fights and not need to pay someone else. Instead, he would hire De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions to promote his fights while maintaining his independence. Now it looks like he’ll be lining the pockets his and his buddy’s pockets instead of a man whom he once fought.

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