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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Character, Reputation Gives Tom Izzo Benefit of Doubt in Suspension

Michigan State crushed Prairie View A&M Saturday 90-51, getting 25 points from Durrell Summers. The Spartans won the game despite not having coach Tom Izzo who was serving a one-game suspension for a secondary recruiting violation. The issue at hand was that Michigan State employed “an individual associated with a prospect” during a summer camp, a charge that had MSU befuddled.

Michigan State was worried that the punishment — a one-game suspension — would draw so much attention that the issue would not be buried. They were wrong. Because coach Tom Izzo is one of the most well respected, revered coaches in all of college basketball, he has received the benefit of the doubt. Many members of the media have taken Izzo at his word and have questioned the NCAA’s decision rather than the coach. The type of character Izzo displayed when he was courted by the Cavaliers and that he’s shown throughout his career is that of someone who plays fairly.

It’s hard to know what really happened or if Izzo is telling the truth, but he’s built up so much credibility it’s hard not to believe him. Additionally, some research suggests the matter is complete b.s., only confirming Izzo’s honest ways. If this Spartan Tailgate post is accurate, then Izzo was reprimanded for having a former player, Carlton Valentine, coach at the camp. Valentine is a local high school coach and his son happens to have committed to Michigan State. If the post is accurate, Izzo definitely deserves the benefit he’s been afforded.

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