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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Dick Vitale accidentally included an F-bomb in a tweet

Dick Vitale

We all know Dick Vitale has a tendency to get overexcited about stuff, and we were reminded of that when he made an embarrassing mistake on Twitter Saturday.

All Dickie V. wanted to do was share a photo of himself meeting with two fans at a First Watch restaurant in Florida. Everything went fine when he posted the photo to Instagram.


But Vitale got a bit overconfident and tried to tweet the photo as well. That resulted in a very unfortunate tagging mistake.


For whatever reason, Dickie V. decided to use the “I was hacked” excuse after making what was clearly an honest mistake.

Come on, man. It happens to the best of us. We can understand people like this college football coach claiming they were hacked, but everyone knows Vitale just tagged the wrong Twitter handle. Was it the worst handle he could have possibly tagged? Sure, but an unintended handle, nonetheless.

H/T Barstool Sports

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