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#pounditMonday, April 15, 2024

Bob Stoops statue spotted being transported to Oklahoma


Bob Stoops is getting his own statue on the University of Oklahoma campus, but it doesn’t sound like anyone was supposed to have seen it yet.

On Monday, a truck was spotted transporting a 10-foot bronze statue of Stoops to Norman.

Stoops, who has more wins than any football coach in Sooners history, said several years ago that he knew the school had a statue constructed in his honor but that he did not want it to be dedicated until after he was done coaching. It’s unclear when that will be, but Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione made it clear that the Stoops statue should not have been strolling down the street for all to see.

“We are extremely disappointed in the lack of consideration, respect and care that was shown in delivering the statue to Norman,” Castiglione said in the statement, via Jason Kersey of The Oklahoman. “This was completely unnecessary. It certainly is not reflective of the way we feel about Bob or the respect we’ll show him when his extraordinary achievements are properly celebrated.”

If this guy can get a statue overseas, Stoops certainly deserves one at Oklahoma. But you can understand why he’d feel uncomfortable walking by a statue of himself every day. They could have thrown a tarp over it or something.

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