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Friday, October 18, 2019

Female Alabama fan attacks Oklahoma student section at Sugar Bowl (Video)

Tensions were running high as Oklahoma defeated Alabama in the Sugar Bowl on Thursday night. No one encapsulated that for us better than the middle-aged woman who tried to take on an entire group of Oklahoma students.

If you bailed on this video after the blond woman was pulled away into the aisle, you need to go back and watch it again. It may have looked like the confrontation had been defused, but then this happened:


You will never see a more ferocious airborne attack than that at a sporting event. This lady played the whole “I’m cool, I’m cool” angle to perfection before she went full swan dive and started wailing on her target. If someone told me the woman in the video is that angry Alabama fan named Phyllis that we introduced you to a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

UPDATE: The crazy Alabama fan has been identified. Here’s her side of the story.

Video via Barstool Sports

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