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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Georgia Coordinator Todd Grantham Gives Florida Kicker the ‘Choke’ Signal (Video)

There’s nothing quite like a coach acting like a child and getting bagged on camera.  My guess is Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham won’t be giving the choke signal to an opponent anymore after Saturday’s overtime loss to Florida for two reasons: he now looks like a complete clown, and he was trying to intimidate a 21-year-old college kid who showed how he cared by banging home the game-winning field goal.  Check out the video of Todd Grantham giving Chas Henry the choke gesture, courtesy of Deadspin:

There has been quite a bit of backlash over this already, and I think rightfully so.  Don’t get me wrong — it’s not the end of the world and Grantham doesn’t deserve to be fired.  It’s just one of those things that’s just plain stupid.  Players do stuff like this all the time.  It’s part of the game and you certainly wouldn’t want your child hearing and seeing everything that goes on down in the trenches during a game.  However, doing something like that just makes a coach look idiotic and immature.  Not to mention, Grantham set himself up for a college kid to publicly embarrass him , and that’s just what Henry did.

Video Credit: YouTube user O7shanksta13

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