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#pounditFriday, March 24, 2023

Mike Leach unhappy with NCAA election day rule

Mississippi State coach Mike Leach isn’t thrilled with the NCAA’s mandate that teams must take election day off.

The NCAA passed a rule in September making it mandatory for teams to give players the first Tuesday after Nov. 1 off so they can vote. Leach said he is fully supportive of making it as easy as possible for players to vote. However, he thinks the rule is unnecessary.

“We had to alter our schedule and everybody else has to alter their schedule, too. I want everybody to vote, but I’m not a huge fan adjusting everybody’s schedule and having national election day,” Leach said, via Robbie Faulk of 247Sports. “Everybody should vote but I don’t think they should cancel practice that day as a result because we’re in school and everybody is going to work and everybody is responsible enough to go vote.

“Worst yet, they’re going to do it every year and next year our elections in the state of Mississippi don’t even line up with that date. Anyway, we move forward and look forward to practicing this afternoon.”

College coaches hate it when routines are interrupted. Mississippi State wouldn’t normally be practicing on Monday, but they are this week because they can’t on Tuesday.

Leach is putting his stamp on his new program. That involves setting standards, and in his eyes, this sort of thing gets in the way. Some of his players may disagree, but given the exodus he’s seen so far in 2020, he probably wouldn’t care.

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