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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Texas Longhorns Sports Bar Opens in Pakistan

The University of Texas is popular enough to have its own TV network. It may be the strongest brand in collegiate athletics, boasting incredible amounts of fans and revenue from merchandise sales. Texas is so big in fact, that a Longhorns-themed sports bar was opened in Pakistan by an alumnus.

25-year-old Shanil Ali opened up “Longhorns Sports Bar” in Karachi, Pakistan six months ago. It sounds like a typical sports bar featuring walls painted orange and white, video games, and a menu of Tex-Mex and Pakistani food. The Express Tribune in Pakistan provides more details on the bar:

Fluorescent orange and white lighting, longhorn logos plastered on the walls and the soccer balled salt-and-pepper-shakers definitely create a Texas feel to the interior. The menu has a touch of Tex-Mex favourites, including nachos and tacos. Ali said he tried to bring something different to the menu than what is available at most cafes and sports bars. The names are a mouthful. Take for example, the ‘Steve Nash Texan Beef Burger’ and the ‘Maradona Royal Bacon Burger’ named after Ali’s favourite players.

That bar sounds so awesome it’s enough to make me want to travel to Pakistan. But then I realize there’s probably little else in Pakistan that would captivate me. The question is will other Pakistanis understand the bar or appreciate it? My guess is you’re not going to find too many Mack Brown disciples in Karachi but hey, why let it stop an awesome idea?

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