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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Tim Tebow Understood Deonte Thompson’s ‘Real Quarterback’ Comment

A major stir was started in the college football world this week when a quote from Florida receiver Deonte Thompson made its way around the blogosphere and Florida coach Urban Meyer subsequently attacked the writer who reported it. Thompson was comparing the styles of new starting quarterback John Brantley with his predecessor, Tim Tebow. Though Thompson referred to Tebow as a legend, he described the obvious differences between the two — Tebow was a spread-option quarterback while Brantley’s a traditional pocket passer. Thompson was pleased that his stats were going to pick up and that he would have more of a role in the offense because of the new quarterback. The Palm Beach Post happened to catch up with Tim Tebow at a Boy Scout function and asked him for his response:

“I think (Thompson) was just saying how it is. (I) might be scrambling for a while, and throw it up to you. Brantley’s more of a guy who throws on timing. You know when it’s going to come there or it’s not going to come there. It’s how me and Brantley are. Just stating facts, I think.”

Exactly. Tebow gets it, I get it, most competent people should get it, why doesn’t Urban? Thompson was speaking the truth about the differences between Tebow and Brantley. The dude was viewed as a disappointment because his stats were lacking because of the type of offense they ran. Of course he’s excited to have a traditional quarterback than a running quarterback. Some reporters may have left the “real quarterback” aspect of Thompson’s quote out but Jeremy Fowler of the Orlando Sentinel didn’t. Why should he have? And why did Urban Meyer attack him? Because most other reporters have been intimidated into protecting the athletes or chose not to hang Thompson out to dry which is how Urban wanted it.

No doubt that Meyer absolutely crossed the line but the question is why. In my opinion, the entire debate centers on one issue: people are eager to bash and find fault with Tim Tebow and will jump at any opportunity. Some do it by making fun of his low Wonderlic scores. Others, myself included, reproduce a Wonderlic prayer story that my have been false. What this entire issue boils down to is that Urban Meyer is very protective of Tim Tebow and doesn’t want anyone speaking about him negatively, even if their comments are true. Meyer took his anger out in the wrong way and on the wrong person. He should have known better.

Commentary: Despite negativity in the air, Tim Tebow always plays the good scout [Palm Beach Post]

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