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Monday, December 10, 2018

Video: Charlie Weis Injures Knee, Hit on Sideline by His Player

Last weekend, it was Tom Brady who incurred a season-ending injury, after being hit in the knee by Bernard Pollard. Apparently feeling that he did not want Tom Brady to be left out, Charlie Weis was hit on the back of the leg by one of his players who got pushed to the sideline by a Michigan player. Weis crumbled like the Mets in September, falling with his knee bent in an awkward position. Early diagnosis say it’s a torn ACL and MCL and that Weis is done for the season. OK, maybe not done for the season, but he’s scheduled to have surgery some time this week. Let’s go to the video tape:

That was pretty bad. See, the saving grace for Weis is that the play occurred behind him while he was busy focusing on the action in front of him as he should have been. Now Joe Paterno on the other hand, his leg injury was more embarrassing; the play happened before his very eyes, he was just too slow to get out of the way. Sure, Weis really couldn’t have helped the situation, but is there any way to come across as something other than helpless after blowing your leg out in a game in which you didn’t even play? Comes off as pretty pathetic to me, not to mention humorous (given the circumstance).

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