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Monday, December 17, 2018

Brock Lesnar Punks Colin Cowherd (Video)

This just in: Colin Cowherd has a big mouth. The thing that is particularly special about it is that Colin Cowherd knows Colin Cowherd has a big mouth. That’s what makes this so fun.  CBS should consider adding this little embarrassing moment to their sitcom about the life of Cowherd, because those of us who are annoyed by him might actually tune in when that episode airs.  The SportsNation gang decided to play an early April Fools joke on Cowherd earlier this week, and the result was fantastic.  Check out the video of Brock Lesnar punking Colin Cowherd, courtesy of Around the Octagon:

No wonder The Undertaker is trying to bait Lesnar back to the WWE and Big Foot Silva wants to send him there.  He obviously still does the pretending thing pretty well.  Seeing Cowherd crap himself like that was probably one of the most entertaining minutes I’ve ever experienced.

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