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Monday, January 21, 2019

AFC Runs Fumblerooski at Pro Bowl with Le’Ron McClain, Score Touchdown

What some call the fumblerooski, others may be more comfortable terming, “The Annexation of Puerto Rico.” Either way, the AFC ran a version of the infamous trick play at the Pro Bowl on Sunday. The play wasn’t quite a fumblerooski because the ball was never placed on the ground and scooped up by a lineman, but the quarterback conspicuously handed it off to Le’Ron McClain on a counter and it befuddled the defense. Check it:

That almost looked just like a rugby play out there. Considering it’s the Pro Bowl and guys aren’t going 100% you can’t be certain it would have worked in real game conditions. Still, the defense was startled by the play and the confusion factor definitely worked. I have to figure this would be successful on two-point conversions and other short situations where you need 3-4 yards and you’re facing a spread-out defense. I know this team I used to play in middle school ran it once a game and always scored a touchdown on us. When the entire offense is moving one way it’s pretty easy to get faked out along with it.

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