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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Aww that Peyton, he’s so cute

Being that it is the Super Bowl and there are two weeks off build up before the game, you’re going to wind up seeing a lot of weak programming.  There’s the endless mind-numbing game-breakdown, the round-table of guests, and the constant interviews.  They’ll show you a week’s worth of press conferences, assign various reporters to do featured pieces on players, and they’ll dig into the film vault to bring in past Super Bowl highlights. 

Despite the monotonous nature of the week’s television coverage, some glimmers of brilliance do shine through.  On that note, I present you Peyton Manning, circa 1990-1991 ish. Who says white guys can’t dance?

Doesn’t he make you want to just pinch his cheeks? So much for us not being able to get a hold of it!

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