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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Blake Bortles says NFL teams asked about girlfriend Lindsey Duke

Blake Bortles Lindsey Duke

Former UCF quarterback Blake Bortles probably has the most attractive significant other of any player in in the 2014 NFL Draft. Lindsey Duke was introduced to the sports world last season and she changed the WAG game forever. Naturally, Bortles was forced to answer a couple of questions about the lovely Ms. Duke during his chats with NFL teams at the Combine.

“Nothing was really that bad,” Bortles said during an interview with Dan Patrick on Wednesday. “I got a couple of girlfriend questions but besides that it was all pretty normal.”

Bortles went on to say that some teams asked him “awkward” questions about Duke.

“If we come to town will she be there for dinner and stuff like that,” he said. “They knew (who she was) going into the meeting and I think that was kind of their angle to see how I reacted to that. It was alright. It was all stuff I had heard before.”

I’m not going to lie — I’d probably ask if I was going to get a peek at Lindsey too. There’s nothing wrong with looking, and she’s easily one of the best looking athlete girlfriends we have ever seen.

Like Bortles said, NFL teams were probably just seeing how he would react if they brought up his girlfriend. Considering she has gone viral, you know opposing players are going to talk about her nonstop to try to get under Bortles’ skin. Teams probably want to know how he will react to that.

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