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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Donald Driver says winning ‘Dancing With the Stars’ is same as winning Super Bowl

Donald Driver reached the pinnacle as a football player when he won a Super Bowl with the Packers two seasons ago. On Tuesday night, he won the coveted “Dancing With the Stars” mirrorball trophy, and he compared the experience to capturing the Lombardi Trophy.

“I think it’s the same,” he told PEOPLE backstage. “You have great moments [throughout both experiences].”

“It took me 13 years to win a Super Bowl. But it only took me one season to win a mirror ball. I’ve been watching the show for a long time and now I know what J.R. felt last year. That is truly something special. I feel the same way. Right now I’m on cloud nine.”

Driver spent 13 years building an impressive football resume and it only took one quote to ruin all that. Yup, we might as well revoke Driver’s man card for that statement. Sure we’ve heard how difficult and demanding it is to be a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars,” and Lawrence Taylor said it’s even more demanding than football, but come on, that’s just an insult to all Driver’s teammates.

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