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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Josh Allen wants to play for Pat Shurmur

Josh Allen Wyoming

It sounds like quarterback Josh Allen has a destination in mind if he had the choice to land wherever he wanted in the NFL Draft.

Allen spoke glowingly of New York Giants coach Pat Shurmur, believing that they could do great things together if Allen landed in New York.

“I’d want to play for him because he just had this kind of silent vibe to him,” Allen told Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News. “He was kind of reserved, and at the same time I can feel his presence and understand how much he loves football, how much he knows football. He put me up on the board, he was talking over some things with me and it was just coming out of his mouth so quickly and so smooth, and he’s a brilliant mind. And he’s gonna be doing some really big things in New York.

“(Shurmur) kind of reminds me of how my offensive coordinator (Brent Vigen) was at Wyoming. They’re not gonna be the guy to get in your face and ‘MF’ you or do any of that stuff for doing something wrong. But they’re gonna let you know when you do something wrong. They’re gonna try to guide you in the right direction. They’re gonna be calm and even-toned the whole time. That’s just the sense that I got from him, and he’s just got this demeanor about him that’s really cool.”

Allen’s praise extended to Mike Shula, the Giants’ offensive coordinator.

“Along with Coach Shurmur, he’s got it goin’ on,” Allen said. “He’s got a really good resume. The Shulas are a great football family. It’s in their bloodline to be football guys. So if I were blessed to be in a position to play for those two, it would just be the greatest honor that I can think of, to be honest.”

It’s safe to say Allen would like to be a Giant. His dreams may be dashed, however, given the fact that there’s no guarantee they’ll even keep their pick, much less use it to draft a quarterback.

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