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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Mike Francesa Caught Lying About His Super Bowl 42 Pick (Audio)

Mike Francesa will be turning 58 in March. My old man is 55, and he doesn’t really understand computers. For some people it is a generational thing and they just can’t get it. Francesa, however, should have a pretty good idea of how the digital era operates by now. He works in radio and sometimes television. He must know that those computers he’s surrounded by all day store information and record what he says, right? Apparently not. According to the NY Post, Francesa blatantly lied about his Super Bowl 42 pick on his show last week to make himself sound better.

Last week, Mike Francesa claimed to listeners that before Super Bowl XLII, he picked the Patriots to beat the Giants, 20-17. With the Pats a 13-point favorite, that would have made Francesa a winner.

In fact, though, it was with great conviction and authority, that Francesa predicted, on the air, a 35-17 Pats win. The tape must be right there, at WFAN for all to again hear. What’s that? It seems to have disappeared? Not again!

Fortunately, nothing is ever lost for good in the age of the internet.  Our friends over at Bob’s Blitz did some fine investigative work after a reader sent them an email about Francesa lying days before the Post published their blurb.  Sure enough, Mike picked the Patriots to blow the Giants out back in 2008.  Have a listen:

Having heard that, you have to wonder if Francesa really did think he picked the Giants to cover the spread in Super Bowl 42 or he just assumed nobody would get a hold of the audio?  In any event, shame on him.

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