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#pounditSunday, March 3, 2024

Richard Sherman responds to Matthew Stafford Hall of Fame case

Richard Sherman in practice gear

One question that arose in some circles following Super Bowl LVI is whether Matthew Stafford is worthy of Pro Football Hall of Fame consideration.

Stafford has posted gaudy stats throughout his career, and on Sunday he added to his resume by leading the Los Angeles Rams to a Super Bowl title. This was enough for some to anoint him as worthy of a gold jacket, though plenty disagreed.

Among the dissenters was Richard Sherman, who criticized the debate in its entirety. Sherman contended that the bar for Hall of Fame consideration has become too low, and pointed out that Stafford has none of the accolades that typically define the best careers.

Sherman has a point. Stafford has never really been recognized as one of the best of his era at the quarterback position. Perhaps he was overlooked, or perhaps he simply hasn’t done enough to deserve it. Stafford has also gotten a bit lucky at times, even during the Rams’ title run.

On the other hand, Stafford could change some minds if he wins more titles. He just turned 34, so he could still have a few more good seasons in him.

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