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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Seahawks fans offered $5,000 to watch NFC Championship Game in silence but couldn’t do it (Video)

FOX Sports 1’s “FOX Football Daily” offered some hardcore Seattle Seahawks fans $5,000 if they could watch the NFC Championship Game last weekend in complete silence. The fans, who were comprised of players and coaches from a Seattle youth football league, were allowed to jump up and down and make body gyrations, but they were not allowed to make a sound.

Do you think they were able to do it?

Watching the fans resist the urge to groan following bad plays — such as the Russell Wilson fumble on the team’s opening possession — and the urge to cheer following great plays — like the touchdown pass on 4th and 7 — was hilarious. But after Richard Sherman’s play that led to the game-clinching interception, the fans lost it and blew up in excitement. Who could blame them for that?

The bonus part was watching the dude do the worm at the bottom of the screen.

Sure, having the extra money would have been nice, but being able to scream following one of the best plays in team history certainly had to feel fantastic and liberating. I’m sure those fans don’t regret it a bit, especially after FOX gave them their great surprise reward afterwards.

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