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Thursday, July 18, 2019

T.O. Needs to Move on from Dallas Days

It’s almost been a year and a half since Terrell Owens was let go by the Dallas Cowboys. Even after playing for the Buffalo Bills and now alongside Chad Ochocinco in Cincinnati, T.O. still can’t let go of Dallas. Responding to questions from the media, Owens continued to blame other factors like Jason Garrett and Tony Romo for his Cowboys release. He specifically called the Cowboys release “premature.”

In case you missed it, here’s what T.O. had to say:

“Do I think I should probably be there? Yeah. It was short-lived. I was prematurely let go. Things like that happen.”

Oh T.O., seriously? Why are you talking about the Cowboys now? I know it might still tick him off because he believes that he shouldn’t have been let go, but he was about to take the field with his new team and he’s sitting there talking about his old one. That’s like going on a date and talking about your ex the whole night. You just don’t do that.

Isn’t he happy in Cincinnati with Ochocinco? I thought that this is what they both wanted–to play together. All I can say is that T.O. needs to let this one go. At age 36, I can guarantee that he will never play with the Cowboys again. He’s not the player that he used to be, and therefore he should be happy to even have a team. Cherish your time in Cincinnati T.O., because who knows how this match with Ochocinco is going to turn out.

Owens feels he should still be Cowboy [AP/FOX Sports]

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