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#pounditMonday, April 15, 2024

Troy Aikman takes shot at Michael Silver over Jared Goff insinuation

Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman took a shot at writer Michael Silver after being dragged into the Jared Goff situation.

The Los Angeles Rams on Saturday traded Goff to the Detroit Lions in a massive deal for Matthew Stafford. The Rams had made clear over the past month or so that they were dissatisfied with Goff and looking for other options. On Sunday, Silver published a story for that shared Goff’s side of things.

In the story, Silver said that Goff heard Aikman trashed the quarterback while calling Rams games this season. Silver insinuated that Goff felt the criticism stemmed from negative feedback Sean McVay gave Aikman in private production meetings before the games.

Aikman did not appreciate being dragged into the situation and defended himself.

“Unlike Michael Silver, I strive to be fair and balanced and do not have an agenda when doing my job. The record will show that I have been a strong supporter of Jared Goff’s over the years. Unfortunately for the Los Angeles Rams and Jared Goff, he did not perform at his best in the games that I broadcasted this season and I’m confident Jared would be the first to agree,” Aikman told SI’s Jimmy Traina in response.

That’s a great response from Aikman.

Silver’s article was slanted towards Goff and not fair and balanced. And like Aikman said, the analyst has supported Goff in the past when it was deserved. This season, particularly towards the end, Goff did not play well.

As some wrote in response to our original article on the subject, Aikman didn’t need McVay to point out what his own eyes could see.

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