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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

PGA president Ted Bishop calls Ian Poulter ‘lil girl’ for Nick Faldo comments


Ian Poulter is one of the most outspoken and eccentric players on the PGA Tour, and his personality shows through in his new autobiography, “No Limits.” PGA of America president Ted Bishop strongly disagrees with at least one thing that was written in the book.

According to Golf Digest, golf legend Nick Faldo made some comments last month criticizing Sergio Garcia for being “useless” and having a “bad attitude” during the 2008 Ryder Cup — the year Faldo was the European captain. Here’s what Poulter had to say about Faldo’s remarks in his book.

It makes me laugh. Faldo is talking about someone being useless at the 2008 Ryder Cup. That’s the Ryder Cup where he was captain. That’s the Ryder Cup where the Europe team suffered a heavy defeat.

And he was captain. So who’s useless? Faldo might need to have a little look in the mirror. I have always got on great with Faldo in the past and I have a great deal of respect for everything he has achieved but this feels like sour grapes. It feels like a guy who is still bitter that he lost in 2008.

Bishop tweeted a harsh response that has since been deleted:


Poulter fired back in a statement to Golf Channel on Thursday.

“Is being called a ‘lil girl’ meant to be derogatory or a put down?” Poulter said. “That’s pretty shocking and disappointing, especially coming from the leader of the PGA of America. No further comment.”

Oh no he didn’t. He pulled the sexism card? Good luck responding to that one, Bishop.

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