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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Report: Tiger Woods’ girlfriend Erica Herman in massive debt

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Tiger Woods has seen his net worth creep toward $1 billion since he went through one of the most expensive divorces in history back in 2010, but his new girlfriend has apparently experienced anything but financial stability in recent years.

Erica Herman, whom Woods has been dating for about a year, was recently ordered to pay back a debt of nearly $250,000 that she owes to an investor in her failed businesses. According to the Daily Mail, Herman’s former business partner Tom Morris won a judgment of $240,233.08 against her, and Herman has been ordered to send Morris $295.60 a week to pay back the debt.

Court records show that Herman and her ex-boyfriend and former business partner Ricky McIntosh received a $200,000 investment from Morris several years ago before they opened restaurants and nightclubs in the Orlando area. The businesses failed, and Morris sued Herman after he was never paid back. It wasn’t until Herman was hired as the director of management operations at Tiger’s restaurant, The Woods Jupiter, in 2015 that she began paying back the debt.

Herman reportedly makes $1,586.54 a week at Tiger’s restaurant, and her wages are being garnished. At the current rate, she will have paid off the debt by 2085.

The Daily Mail also learned that Herman has a long history of financial issues, as she had a car repossessed in 2012 and was nearly evicted from her apartment numerous times that same year for not paying her $1,300 monthly rent.

We’ve seen some indications in recent months that Woods and Herman have become very close, but apparently their relationship has not progressed to the point where Tiger is willing to cut a $250,000 check for her.

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