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Friday, February 22, 2019

Reporter Shannon Hogan forgot Anders Lee’s name (Video)

A surprisingly successful season continued for the New York Islanders on Monday night as they came away with an overtime victory over the Washington Capitals. We’ll talk more about that after we discuss the painfully awkward exchange that took place between MSG Networks reporter Shannon Hogan and a player.

Hogan caught up with Islanders center Anders Lee during the first intermission, and she completely forgot who he was.

“I’m joined by … what’s your name again?” Hogan asked.

Lee then recited his name, and Hogan made things even weirder by trying to pretend she was just messing around.

“Anders Lee, I’m just joking…” she said.

No, no you weren’t. It’s OK, Shannon — we all make mistakes and we all have tough days on the job. We’ve seen worse.


As for the Islanders, they are currently tied for second in the Eastern Conference with 49 points. They just seem to keep winning, and no one really knows how.

Video via Greg Balloch
H/T SI Hot Clicks

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