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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Bummer: The Lingerie Football League is taking a year off

Just when it looked like things were really starting to get exciting, the Lingerie Football League has to go and leave us hanging for a year. According to an Associated Press report, the LFL is taking a year off this fall and will resume play in April of 2013. The good news is the one-year hiatus is supposedly being used to better the sport.

The LFL intends to use the year off to continue expanding the game abroad and also realign the schedule so lingerie football becomes a warm-weather sport. Typically I would say that’s good news because it means the players will be wearing less, but I don’t think that would even be legal. We have heard some rumblings that a few players are hoping the sport will ditch the skimpy outfits someday, but that seems less likely if they’re going to be playing in warmer weather. Phew.

Normally, taking a year off might signal that the league is in trouble, but I don’t think that’s the case here. The LFL is set to start an All-Star tour around the globe next month and is looking to expand with teams in Australia by 2013. This looks like an organization that is on the verge of great things, not one that is in danger of collapsing. That’s a positive thing for all of us.

H/T Off the Bench

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