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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Jemele Hill celebrates first day post-ESPN by cussing out troll

Jemele Hill

Jemele Hill is no longer limited by ESPN’s social media guidelines, and she’s wasting no time taking advantage of that fact.

Hill’s last day at ESPN was Friday, ending a 12-year tenure with the sports media giant. Hill sent a farewell note on her Twitter account in which she expressed gratitude to many of her bosses and coworkers.

But it wasn’t just all about the farewells and thank you notes for Hill. Without a family-friendly corporation to represent and job to protect, she feels she has the freedom to finally tell off social media trolls. One Twitter user told his followers to “celebrate” Hill leaving ESPN, calling her the most “hypocritical ‘homer’ analyst they have ever hired.”

Hill decided she wasn’t going to take it.

“I feel like i need to say this now as a warning. I was going out of my way not to cuss some of y’all out because I had a job and a corporation to represent. But now, I don’t have one. So I’m good with calling you a f—boi,” she wrote (tweet censored for profanity).

Perhaps this is a glimpse of what’s to come for Hill. Reports have said she plans to continue developing her social voice through her production company.

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