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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Report: Ryan Lochte was facing lifetime ban from USA Swimming before apology

Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte could have potentially been banned from USA Swimming for life if he did not issue an apology for his role in the Rio gas station incident.

Christine Brennan of USA Today is reporting that USA Swimming is not expected to make a decision about disciplinary action for Lochte in the near future, but she notes that a lifetime ban was on the table at one point.

In his statement on Friday, Lochte stopped short of admitting he lied. He did, however, acknowledge that he was not “careful” enough when giving his account of what happened. You can read the full apology here.

Lochte and his three teammates put themselves in a compromising position by being out all night in a foreign country with a high crime rate. Surveillance footage (watch it here) proved the swimmers were not pulled over and randomly robbed as Lochte initially said. Lying about something that serious is bound to have serious consequences.

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