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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Would you let Lenny Dykstra Give you Stock Tips?

Dude, as freaky as a player as he was, dipping with a whole can of chaw in his jaw, what makes you think I would actually take his advice on trading stocks? The guy had no clue about the pitchers he was facing, no memory, no game day preparation, but I’m supposed to listen to his advice on Wall Street? Please. I’m not exactly sure if this is news, but here’s the latest stock advice courtesy of Nails himself.

In Monday’s column I suggested placing an order in Amgen for 10 January 2008 45s (WAMAI) with a $12.50 limit order.

That order was not filled in Monday trading, but Amgen shares opened sharply lower today, at $52.36, after more bad news on its anemia franchise. My good-till-cancel order got filled at $10.40 this morning. I then set my sell order at $11.40.

Yeah, whatever Mr. Fancy Pants. You think you’re so cool with your stock trading terminology? How hard can it be — give me WBC at 15 per and put a fast sell on it when that mother rises to a TPC level of 17.5 by this afternoon, pronto. Yeeaah, what up now Dykstra? Huh? That’s right, I got you man. Go back to your car washes why don’t ya?

(via El Lefty Malo)

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