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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

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Fred McGriff shared how he ended up in Tom Emanski commercial

Fred McGriff Tom Emanski

Sports fans who watched ESPN back in the day will no doubt remember the Tom Emanski commercial.

Emanski used to sell baseball instructional videos by buying air time on ESPN. They played every single night. You couldn’t miss them.

Emanski had helped Fred McGriff fix his swing, so when the baseball instructor was ready to make his video, he reached out to McGriff to ask the Crime Dog to appear in the video. The appearance of the five-time All-Star in the commercial gave it credibility and also became part of McGriff’s identity. The former first baseman says he still gets recognized for the video to this day.

Last month, McGriff was in Kansas City as one of five inductees in the Negro League Museum’s “Hall of Game” ceremony. He was asked by Joe Posnanski about the famous Tom Emanski commercial and explained the story behind it.

Emanski helped produce back-to-back-to-back AAU national champions!

“To this day, everywhere I go, ‘what about that Tom Emanski video?’ It’s everywhere!” McGriff said of the video last month.

Here is the famous commercial in case you haven’t seen it or simply want to relive old memories:

Two years ago McGriff made a parody video that you will also enjoy.

If you’re wondering more about Emanski, read this great FOX Sports profile on him from 2014.

Fred McGriff stars in hilarious parody of own Emanski Defensive Drills commercial

The Crime Dog is throwing it back to one of the most famous ads of the 1990s.

In a video released on Thursday, retired five-time All-Star and World Series champion Fred McGriff appeared in an endorsement of Chassis, a premium men’s grooming company, that hilariously parodied his memorable Emanski Defensive Drills commercial. ESPN’s Kenny Mayne also appears in the video.

It’s a clever homage to McGriff’s appearance in the original Emanski advertisement, which was recently named “one of the best celebrity endorsements of all-time,” in a special SportsCenter countdown.

We have definitely seen some unforgettable sports parody ads over the years, but this one may truly top them all.