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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

So Marisa Miller and Ryan Braun Made a Commercial and … Yeah

There’s no doubt you can put a few athletes and big names together in a commercial and have it be a success. That by no means is a rule as we’ve come to find out. Take for instance this highly anticipated, online-only commercial for Remington, featuring super model Marisa Miller and slugger Ryan Braun. You would figure anything featuring Marisa Miller would be hard to screw up, but I think the producers of this commercial managed to do it. Judge for yourself:

I think Jimmy Traina at SI put it best: “First, the spot is 2-plus minutes, a little long for a commercial. Second, the acting, dialogue and double entendre’s is on par with what you’d see in a porno (not that we’d know).” I agree with both points. I would also add that you don’t find out until the last 30 seconds what product is actually being advertised. When you’re putting together a commercial, getting across exactly what you’re advertising would probably be the top priority. Maybe not in this case. And was that my boy Matt Money Smith doing the narrating? I think so!

(video via The Angry T)

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