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Friday, June 22, 2018

LBS back from vacation (and one of us is now married)

If you read the site regularly, you probably noticed the lack of content over the past few days. That’s because your two main writers were both out of commission for the weekend.

I traveled to Boston on Thursday and was in town for the weekend to celebrate with Steve DelVecchio, who got married to his longtime girlfriend on Saturday. Despite working together and talking with each other nearly every day over the past two and a half years, this past weekend was actually the first time Del and I met. Yes, I know it’s kind of weird that we had been working together for so long before meeting, but that’s how it went.

The wedding was great and we had a fun weekend. Del may take a day or two to wind down from his wedding, while I’m so jet-lagged I feel like my head was slammed into a brick wall about two dozen times. The point is LBS will be back and humming like usual before too long, so thanks for patiently sticking with us.

Anyway, in true, old-school blogging style, I’ve included a few pictures from my trip below. (Of course we all know I’m just including these pics so I can write off my ridiculously costly Celtics tickets as a business expense).

So I went to the Celtics-76ers game on Friday night and saw Philly run all over Boston. The C’s looked pretty terrible, and the only thing more embarrassing than the team were the fans. And, no, I’m not talking about the dude in the Antoine Walker jersey pictured above, which was striking enough to grab my attention for obvious reasons. I’m talking about how quiet it was inside the Garden, how the fans needed prompting from the jumbotron to know when to cheer, and how they cleared out of the arena with five minutes left in the game. I was confused which city I was in because I thought that sort of thing only happened at Dodger games. Poor show Beantown, and certainly not the environment I encountered when I attended a Red Sox game at Fenway Park many years ago.

I also took a tour at Fenway Park on Sunday. The tours began being offered by the new Red Sox owners shortly after they bought the team. The tour was only $16 (and it was packed with over 60 people!), and it allowed us the opportunity to go throughout the stadium, down into the clubhouse, into the dugout, on top of the Green Monster, and inside the press box. The picture at the top of this post was taken from the top of the Monster. And you want to know what a big tourist attraction Fenway Park is? There were people on the tour who didn’t even know what the Monster was.

The other great part about the tour was that from the top of the stadium, I was able to get this sweet shot of a gigantic Tom Brady Ugg ad. A block away from Fenway Park, there is Brady, plastered along the side of a huge building, looking all metrosexual with his skinny jeans, scarf, and boots. Everyone on tour probably thought I was some huge Brady fanboy. Little did they know I was just snapping it so I could later mock him on the site. Come on Brady, when are you going to learn that this is just not a good look?

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