106-Year-Old Cubs Fan Mary Melberg Has Seen 102 Years of Failure

The Chicago Cubs have one of the most pitiful stories of all sports teams. The franchise hasn’t won a World Series since 1908, and though many of their fans complain incessantly about not winning, we often wonder what they’d actually do if their Lovable Losers actually did win a World Series.

Anyway, I got a really cool news release on Tuesday about a woman named Mary Melberg who just turned 106 years old on March 11th. That means she was born in 1905 and was only three years old when the team won the second of its back-to-back titles. This woman has been a card-carrying member of the Die-Hard Cub Fan Club since 1929!!! She’s only seen the team make the World Series once since she was a coherent being!

While it’s always fun to celebrate milestone achievements such as this one, Melberg’s existence personifies the failures of the Cubs. She’s been alive 106 years and was a baby when the team actually won a World Series — talk about putting things in perspective. And though we poke fun, I’d much rather be a Cubs fan than a Pirates fan — at least the North Siders have a chance to win the division most years.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QD47QKVHMIU6YFVA7RTXBGMTOI Anonymous


    The Cubs haven’t won at Bingo in over 100 years and you feel the need to single out the Pirates?

    Fabulous journalism!

    Remember what Jesus said to the Cubs after the Resurrection?


    Lovable Losers?

    Yeah right…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QD47QKVHMIU6YFVA7RTXBGMTOI Anonymous

    I believe that in the last 106 years the Pirates have been in the World Series in the Following years:Pittsburgh Pirates World Series

    1903 World Series

    1909 World Series

    1925 World Series

    1927 World Series

    1960 World Series

    1971 World Series

    1979 World Series
    winning all but the 1903 Series. Would you like me to go into all the division titles?
    There is a reason why the Cubs are called the lovable losers. At least the Pirates have won 5 World Series, played in October and I have seen 2 of them and I’m only 45!!!!!